11 Comments on "A Rockets Game 6 win would set up greatest NBA Sunday ever | USA TODAY"

  1. Almost 1M subs but only 3k views?

  2. the game tonight and its result proves that the rockets should fire their coach…

  3. Ya that be kool right after church 3 game 7s nice happy fathersday lol

  4. Three game sevens in one day. It doesn't get better than that.

  5. Warriors are from gayland
    If Houston can’t beat a team from gayland then what does that say about Houston?

  6. Sorry
    No grown ass man needs to be idolizing celebrities.

  7. Man, you guys really look for anything that qualifies as a first. First time in history that everyone is wearing white shoes on the court.

  8. Josh look like a 3D game character from that game I forgot what you call it where the guy kill zombies in a mall and rescues his daughter.

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