35 Comments on "Abigail Spencer Says Prince Harry Is 'Very Lucky' to Marry Meghan Markle (Exclusive)"

  1. Harry a fugly dude tho.. Fr ๐Ÿ˜

  2. Megan is a genius.

  3. um! does that make you so much like MM?
    charity? people put their hands in their wallets? all in the name of the self promoter MM???
    how about she at least repays her bankrupt father for all he has sacrificed for her
    the outrageously expensive school
    his connections with film studios due to his award winning cinema & TV lighting career which was undoubtly the cornerstone to MM initially securing a career along with HER EX HUSBAND Trevor Egleson who propelled MM careers from her baseline acting as a showcase girl to Suits
    yes maybe the commentator has a lot in common with MM to actually say PH is lucky to have MM
    OMG what trashy false and misleading information

  4. sorry I think you got the gender wrong
    MM is very lucky to marry PH

  5. I think they are both equally lucky to have found each other. They complement each other beautifully. I wish them an eternity of love, life & happiness

  6. At first I thought she's from the Spencer family in England. Lol

  7. There is a percentage of people that like Meghan, then there is a percentage that donโ€™t like her for no particular reason, then thereโ€™s the rest of them who are racist

  8. She's definitely one of Meghan's REAL friends

  9. Meghan is just a beautiful soul. Prince harry is a very smart and lucky man and he knows it๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  10. Itโ€™s more like the other way around. She is very lucky to land a prince. She is a cold and calculate woman. Eventually, Harry would see her true color.

  11. Exactly. He is lucky to have her. She is well educated, confident, an accomplished actress, a humanitarian and activist and really beautiful. It's lovely that they found each other because he's a humanitarian as well.

  12. I'm SHOCKED to discover that her and Meghan Markle are the same age. I thought Abigail Spencer is about 7 years older, to say at least

  13. She great in Timeless to

  14. Detroit blow job…..

  15. Yeah
    .golddiggers are hard to find

  16. meghan markel is luckey

  17. Yeah because Megan the best of best American actress single and virgin and she much beautiful.. more talented… more elegant … more stunning more beautiful than princess Diana and Kate she come from good family with success full father and mother as great teacher in great university in Oxford university… Megan born to be Queen after Queen Elisabeth… she will make Britain great again.. harry you are so lucky as a man in the whole world ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  18. Sorry i didnt mean to offend im surprised she has lasted so long she cant just pop out shopping or work as she did
    But she likes the spotlight so this might be good for Harry i do hope it works out
    And i remember Harry and Eilliam lost their mother at a young age. He needs someone like Meghan a strong woman. There is no doubt Diana was got rid of as she was with an Egyptian and may have been pregnant. Perhaps Megan can change your Royal Family but as u say they are dysfunctional Harry at one time wanted to leave the Royal Family and as he said who wants to be King

  19. She is a classy lady. Samantha Grant take note.

  20. They are perfect to each other . comgratualrion.

  21. She is a true friend.

  22. Lol another load of bullshit.


  24. You all out there with the negative comments are damn trash. Meghan Marble is a beautiful mixed race woman, Harry see love in that woman heart, talk about yourself before you slam somebody you ain't perfect nobody is, it is not going to be white and it is going to be mixing everywhere, that woman knows god and was raised that way being taught by her mother, Y'all need to stop hating on her Y'all should be ashame of yourself, Love is God and that woman has it all…..

  25. I thimk its what everyone is thinking i hope it works for Harrys sake

  26. Now this is a friend…

  27. I think its the other way around. Of course sheโ€™s a good friend of her she would certainly say all the good things about megan. But its the opposite on her familyโ€™s side. Her siblings hate her. Thats a red flag considering she is working as a humanitarian. She should try to mend things with them so she could move forward smoothly.

  28. Times have changed Harry is for Meghan n Meghan is for Harry ,everyone slammed William when he was marrying Kate ,look at them now happy family ,these boys want family for love ,for life ,not just for show ,both done their homeworks and found girls to love them back as they love them. We should be pleased n proud of them the way they grew up without their mum ,turned out BRIL ,.look forward to Harry n Meghan big day wish them happy new long life together .

  29. Great talk Abigail Spencer. Well done for speaking good on my friend Meghan Markle and all the blessings my dear sister !!
    Love and peace!!

  30. Yes but it will be Harrys downfall she wont want to be told what to do and lose her independence

  31. 10 days till the ceremony. Lol haters cant say shit now

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