29 Comments on "Brody Jenner Says He Can't 'Expect Too Much' From Dad Caitlyn Jenner"

  1. Why are you calling your dad her. Grow some…..you know. Have some nerve to speak what you really feel as a man. Man up dude!

  2. Geez, he’s so HOT!!

  3. That's so wierd that he would change his name to the same as his sons wife.. creepy..

  4. Pretending to be a woman, does that mean that he denies ever being a father?

  5. You can tell he feels bad about this son and Dad relationship and even worst after you decided to chance his “gender”

  6. I will forever call Bruce “him” “he” “dick between the legs”

  7. Bruce is still Bruce; makeup, hormone shots and a wig aside.

  8. Lol and there are still people supporting this transgender nonsense. Its a fucking disease and pyschotic yet people treating it like its normal. Society is fucking fakkeeer

  9. He can expect to be ignored & embarrassed Bruce.

  10. woawwww…
    2 Kaitlin's no other names out there

  11. no, no she's strong and beautiful, and that is all! You bigots!

  12. Bruce was a bad dad and now Caitlyn is a bad mom. Lmao shit doesn’t change

  13. you don't hear about this stuff in other countries transgenders and operations getting done and kids and families being destroyed and the sons all the sudden having to call their dad's mom it's so crazy what the fuck is going on in America?other countries laugh at us that's why the middle East cannot stand America and I can't even understand why people are trying to get into America anymore.it's very obvious it was probably a good thing that Caitlin or Bruce or whatever the hell you want to call him now was not involved in his life because he turned out to be so much better than any of those Kardashians.

  14. That’s what happens when money is the center of the family! But of course it’s never too late for everything while there is still time.

  15. Shouldn’t the title be “mom” Caitlyn Jenner 🤔

  16. I’m uncomfortable with the amount of times they misgendered her

  17. His or Her lost is Brody Gain. Stay mentally strong and be happy. 🤔🤔

  18. She's thier Mom ET. Jeez.

  19. Brody is clearly hurting. We all have wounds and issues. I can’t imagine how painful his childhood must have been without his dad, and on top of it, the loss of his father when Bruce transitioned. I hope Brody can find healing.

  20. Bruce/Caitlyn is a narcissist
    Brody is a son trying to live with a narcissistic parent
    Very difficult

  21. Bruce Jenner was a horrible dad to all his kids.

  22. From "dad" Caitlyn 😂😂😂

  23. Caitlyn just seems to have a really messed up personality. So sad for Brody.

  24. Y’all could’ve said “mom”…

  25. His dad has the same name as his wife?! Plus his dad picked that name AFTER knowing his son was dating a Kaitlyn. I CANT WITH THIS FAMILY LOL they were born for drama 😂😭😭😭

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