43 Comments on "Debra Messing 'Regrets' Appearing on 'Megyn Kelly TODAY' After Host Made 'Gay' Comment"

  1. You know I used to really like the Will and Grace show until I realized that 3 out of the four characters on the show are not really Gay and the one who is. is made to act like an idiot man child who never grew up and that set the wrong tone to the public about Gay men in general I think! The bigoted jokes that I use to laugh at suddenly were no longer jokes nor were they funny any more and then when the show was rebooted again the one real gay man still alowed himself to act and be portrayed as a selfish low budget idiot man child who still hadnt grown up to set a good example for young gay men of today. They are all old now, they still live in apartments when by now they should at least own their own homes and be financially prosperous on the show like they have been in real life. This show was meant to build bridges between Gays and Straights, or so we thought, but the more you watch the writers have been using the stupid conduct of the characters to put Gay people down and make light of their intelligence which sends out a very dangerous message to the general public. The show needs to be cancelled again!

  2. Shut up Debra Messing you hateful liberal b*tch. Now you bully teenagers? What a tough ho! Bully me bitch!

  3. Liberals basically just hate heterosexual white people lol

  4. "I think the gay thing's gonna work out great for you" …. it's a catty way of saying "you are a flamer". And the way she patted him from a distance, like he was a weirdo, was just as offensive as the "you became gay" remark. She made several gay jokes at his expense, during a segment about Will and Grace. She's just terrible.

  5. Megyn Kelly is overrated and don't know why she is popular in the first place. News have become entertainment.

  6. This fake outrage defines the snowflake movement

  7. As being gay myself I CANNOT STAND when someone, especially a heterosexual, chalks me up as to just only being gay like that’s the only thing I am and do and all I am good for. You don’t know anything else about me other than I’m gay. To you I’m just gay character in your heterosexual life. That’s what she was doing. She was belittling him. It’s insensitive, It’s condescending and it pisses me off. And I know you straight people don’t get it or understand. We are not here to be gay for your amusement.

  8. Today the left wing liberal nuts will attack with anything even remotely mentioning their nationality, skin color, race Trump and etc. This country is getting to be a one big phony fake goody goody society. Is it any wonder why Trump won?

  9. I'm gay, I don't see the problem. I hate it when people get super sensitive about non-issues. She clearly has nothing against gays, so people just need to chill.

  10. Isn't this her thing? Constantly?

  11. NBC is not a good fit! She's FOX Noise through and through!

  12. It was a freaking joke. Thought gays had a sense of humor (and I hate Megyn Kelly).

  13. This just goes to show how political correctness is like kryptonite to comedy. Kelly's comment to the Will and Grace fanboy may not have been the funniest quip in the history of comedy, but it was certainly fun and good natured. Cultural Marxist inspired 'social justice' is more about deluding yourself that you're morally superior to others than it is about helping the 'disadvantaged' as its adherents claim. Once you've deluded yourself about your own moral superiority or that of your group, a process often helped by the confirmation bias of other similarly afflicted individuals in your echo chamber, you get the power buzz of virtue signalling that moral superiority to the world, as you denounce your intended target, as Messing is clearly doing here, and destroying their careers and livelihoods if you have the power.

  14. Seriously? That’s offensive??

  15. a more interesting clip would be all the weight that debra messing has gained, damn girl go to the gym

  16. Are you serious? That is simply Debra Messing trying to distance herself from someone her "preferred audience" dislikes. I'm getting a headache from my eyes rolling so far back into my head. All these celebs make me cringe. They're a just a huge group of hypocrites.

  17. Well it seemed like a playfully light joke but seeing megyn kelly's anticts recently especially with Fonda, I doubt it was a joke from her side

  18. Fowl mouth messing should shut her trash talking mouth.
    Try learning to respect yourself before you bore us anymore.

  19. Megyn has no class she is a small little woman

  20. Debra Messing is a cranky old bag and needs to retire.

  21. Maybe she is a better fit for the View?

  22. People are so sensitive these days. It's just a joke poeple god!!

  23. 😂😂😂😂 nonsense.

  24. It's only because Megyn Kelly was on Fox news and is probably more conservative than Debra Messing would like that she has an issue with Megyn Kelly's comments .If she was on The View or NBC and they made the exact same comments she would have laughed and probably wouldn't even noticed .

  25. I regret looking at her face……

  26. Megan Kelly could. wreck an anvil with a rubber hammer

  27. I hate Megan Kelly,
    But WTF did she do wrong?
    These people are crazy

  28. magyn thinks shes being ground braking butt it just is bad and awkard

  29. I don't think Megan was being prejudiced in any way. Sure, she doesn't exactly have the PC lingo down pat, but then again, Debra is a tool, so…

  30. She’s a stupid hoe

  31. Now she knows what the Left is like. Should have stayed at Fox

  32. megan kelly is so hot when shes not talking

  33. In her defense megan said nothing wrong..just Hollywood being morally rightous hypocrites..we all know Hollywood is pure and holy..they are fucking freaks or rape 14 year old boys..or go to casting couches auditions to be famous doing all that it takes to be rich and power ful..they cast judgement on others while keeping pervs and pedos and open secret!!..megan you wanted to be part of that crowd lay in the bed you made!

  34. Liberals cant handle some political incorrect jokes. Megan, we all know you are a liberal but you are not a lying far left liberal. NBC will just throw you out when this doesn't work out. Go back to FOX, conservatives are Christians and will forgive you. Come back home to FOX.

  35. What an idiot! Who says that? 🤔

  36. Yeah, she really doesn't know when NOT to say something! Her poor children! Can you imagine having K as a mom? Try explaining mom to your friends!

  37. Overblown like everything else..over analyzing.. it was a faux Pau… BFD… we all know she meant you came out.. that didn't bother me.. It was not phrased just right, that's for sure.. Hey, I don't like her either.. but much ado about nothing.. sorry..

  38. Why are people so politically correct about everything? Are hosts not allowed to ask questions anymore or crack jokes? Jeez, grow some thicker skin rich folks.

  39. I actually love her comment,,it was so anti pc,,she was pretty good at fox,, I actually loved when she confronted trump about sexism and I loved how trump answered only rosie oddonel,,,at one point in the election she was super great and conducted herself with the most spectacular professionalism,,, she was very good at presenting the left side from Thier view without being condescending,,,now she is a pariah on both sides ,to me she was at one point one of the best journalist and she was great at conducting cross interviews ,,at this point I believe that she even lost the stalkers she used to talk about

  40. Two douche bags. Messing advocated overthrowing our Republic after Donald Trump won the Presidency. She is a vile low life.

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