Flight attendant forces woman to cover up | USA TODAY

Flight attendant forces woman to cover up | USA TODAY

Flight attendant forces passenger to cover up outfit before getting on flight
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An American Airlines flight attendant forced a passenger to cover up her outfit while she was boarding a flight from Jamaica.

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23 Comments on "Flight attendant forces woman to cover up | USA TODAY"

  1. She is Gorgeous. That is a perfectly decent outfit. Brains and Beauty. Sounds like Jealousy was involved. No Burkas in the USA. Women are Proud of Their figures here. We Women are Beautiful Beings.

  2. Shouldn't be dress like that around her son.


  4. Yeah throw the race card again

  5. I'm a little grossed out by her outfit. She may be a nice lady and a good doctor but the kaleidoscope colored shorts are too tight in that setting. Maybe the beach or a night club.

  6. She Should Threaten to Sue the Airline for discrimination then settle outside of Court Get Free Flights for Life from AA!!!

  7. She could have gone to an airport shop and bought a cute shawl or light wrap. No big deal. There are ways to dress on a plane, and this is inappropriate. Skinny girls in these look like tramps. Cover up ladies. I’m all for strict dress dress code on planes! People are gross!!!

  8. The white employee was jealous of that shapely figure.

  9. I too am a black woman and I emphasize with her. Believe me I do. However, the outfiit she wore was revealing. However, I believe that she is being a bit over-dramatic. All she needed to do was cover-up with a jacket or shawl for her flight. When travelling in public; there are rules and guidelines regarding how to dress not only respecting fellow travellers, but also for yourself. She knew that that outfit…a strapless romper "SHORTS" outfit…was TOO REVEALING; yet she wore it anyway. This woman claims to be a medical doctor. As a medical professional, that means setting a positive example for herself; and she should have known better. Also, she has an 8 year old SON. Again, that means setting a positive example for him. I believe that she OVER-INFLATED the situation to make it more that it truly was. It was NOT about RACIAL DISCRIMINATION; it was about an that was an OUTFIT that was TOO REVEALING to be worn on a flight; REGARDLESS of the DESTINATION however WARM it may be.

    LADIES: I understand that this is difficult for others to hear but it needs to be said: it is time to to look in the mirror as to how we are dressing BEFORE we walk out our door each day. Let's have respect for ourselves and I guarantee that respect will be be shown to us in return. 😉

  10. What exactly was so "wrong" with her outfit? I have seen outfits 10 times worse than the outfit that this young lady was wearing on my job. This situation is between the levels of ridiculous and downright sad. After all of this foolishness, the only thing that American Airlines could do is "apologize." An apology is not enough! What about a refund for the disregard of her child, or the embarrassment that both her and her child had to face? This young lady not only deserves a refund, she also deserves compensation for her pain and suffering. It's not fair that human beings in this day and age are being treated like animals. This is very unacceptable.

  11. "Someone said something to me that I don't like, so of course it was just because I'm black."

  12. I travel a lot, on American and other airlines, and I've seen people wear much less than this woman and no one has ever said anything to them. Recently a middle aged white woman with sagging skin had a tiny top and tiny shorts, she looked like a biker type with her tattoos and all, like maybe she should be standing on a corner looking for a customer. And no one called her out. I feel Miss Rowe was picked on because of her race, plain and simple.


  14. Ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

  15. That ain't bothering anyone babe 😏

  16. American Airlines have a pick with Jamaicans.

  17. Don’t we have any decency in life anymore? I don’t believe even a bit that this has anything to do with race. Am not particularly fond of AA services. Their flights are almost always delayed. Stewards can sometimes be a little bit unfriendly. However, this time I commend them for doing what they did. Some passengers may feel uncomfortable seated with someone dressed like this. They probably want to respect other passengers feelings. Even yet, they maybe protecting her from a possible assault. There could be crazy people on the plane too, you know. And then what, she’s going to sue the airline for that? Litigations, litigations, litigations.
    And she is a doctor?

  18. And now she’s contacted a lawyer lol really !!it’s not that damn serious and it’s not about race .I’m sure if a white women tried to climb on the plane looking like a hooker same would happen get over it put some clothes on.

  19. She's a grown woman. Stop trying to police her.

  20. Over sexualized really if you really think that wear more clothes

  21. What does it say when a grown woman has to be told to dress appropriately? And now she claims she's immune to everyones need for civility in very close quarters

  22. Try dressing a little bit more respectful when you fly in a plane with people other than your family. If I had to sit next to her I would have asked to have my seat changed.

  23. I personally think one should wear a little more as a courtesy to people around them, as we are often sitting next to strangers on airplanes–I don't need (or want) direct access to someone's armpit. This absolutely applies more to male's then female's, as we males tend to smell worse in that area. Imagine a dude in speedos or extremely short shorts. Should that be allowed? Please, no.

    That said, given the context (Jamaica to Miami), I think it was wrong to force this woman to cover up. The "over sexualized" comment is dumb. That just means men are attracted to women's bodies. News flash….we are! Women also can't walk around topless. There's always a line between appropriate and not. Obviously that line has shifted over time and it's impossible for all to agree on what that line is. Anyway, as I said before, I think it was wrong in THIS case to make her cover up, threaten to not let her fly, etc.

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