House committee to vote on holding Attorney General William Barr in contempt (LIVE) | USA TODAY

House committee to vote on holding Attorney General William Barr in contempt (LIVE) | USA TODAY

In a further escalation of conflicts between Congress and the Trump administration, the Oversight and Reform Committee scheduled votes against Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for defying subpoenas for documents about how a citizenship question was added to the 2020 census.

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50 Comments on "House committee to vote on holding Attorney General William Barr in contempt (LIVE) | USA TODAY"

  1. meanwhile Donald Trump sends [DEARKING" letters to the Veterans Affairs department for our healthcare

  2. They want him to release Grand Jury testimony and it's against the law. Dumb asses!

  3. This will blow up in all your faces !

  4. arrest and fine = make them respect the laws everyone else must adhere too.

  5. Cummings you crocked bastard the na's win let Barr put them ya s in jail

  6. As a Dem , I do have to take my hat off to Republican congressman Justin Amash for doing the right thing !!!

  7. He shouldn't be held in contempt, he should be held against a wall and blindfolded. He has disgraced every principle of his oath of office at the behest of his crime lord boss.

  8. Has Mexico paid for the Wall, yet? It's two and half years later. Do we have Healthcare for all, with preexisting conditions, just wondering. When will the country unite, instead of being the most devided since the Civil War. Will our President address Russia about their election interference, taking away America's right to choose our own President. Will our President make any deals with North Korea, China, Iran, the Middle East etc, instead of having useless visits with them costing many millions of our dollars for nothing. He seems to be juggling all these deals in the air, nice job, but where are the deals landing, in the end. Trump is all talk and no action from day one. Viva the Democrats. One of them will have to clean up the mess just like Obama did after Bush. Time flies.

  9. These guys all need to hug a root. Don’t they know the charade is over? Don’t they know that they are past the point of minimum return and are simply annoying even their own silly headed base?

  10. Dumbasses!
    God bless America!

  11. The house committee should be focusing on the crisis at the southern border instead of the ridiculous collusion delusion that's already been settled.

  12. Committees are where things go to die. What are these weaklings going to do anyway? They are more worried about their next poop.

  13. Hold a corrupt government official responsible? No way. Quite a deMOCKcracy we have.

  14. The dirty left-wing Democrats are very desperate now, that's why they're going after AG because they know he's going to get to bottom of coup against the president and I hope everyone that was involved must be brought to justice and payed for their crimes

  15. I do believe GOD SILENCED THEM

  16. Omg I just went deaf! I can't hear anything..

  17. Is this what we gave them raises for? And free healthcare? So we can just suffer and struggle? Civil war looks good right about now.

  18. Damn who is shorty taking teh votes, fine as hell

  19. The idiotic attempts for power from the democrats are insane. Never let another one of these socialist into the highest office again it will be the downfall of the usa.

  20. What a bunch of clowns. Lol 🤣

  21. This is awesome! Both Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross are in contempt and both are guilty of gross deceit and lies.

  22. The left can try and obstruct the oval office as much as they want, but it makes them come off as more and more desperate by the day. The more left they push, the more they lose the middle. It is such a basic concept that they are not intelligent enough to grasp. We all see through your lies, you tried with Kavanaugh and failed which you will do again.

  23. Why are we continuing to waste tax payer money on this nonsense? Investigation found no collusion, time to move on.

  24. The Russian conspiracy theory failed. Get over it.

  25. God bless the internet age oh, where I get to see the slow ponderous democracy I was born into work it's self with my own two eyes

  26. No one watches this and become concern that these are the people leading the committee? They seem confused. They seem lost. And desperate.

  27. Democrats ensuring a republican win in 2020…..and wasting your tax dollars every day. These brain damaged commies are a joke.

  28. Go to judicial watch and read the FOIA documents about hillary and obama inventing and paying for the FAKE Russian dossier. Barr is going to put obama and hillary mueller, lynch, comey, wassernan, struzk, and a list of others in prison. The investigation is already on. The dems are scared, they want to get Barr out, along with TRUMP to save their asses. Bidens been implemented also.

  29. More proof that Democrats are insane

  30. Good job!!! Sad, but necessary

  31. Nothing Is going to stop trump from being reelected. It's sad. These clowns still playing the stupid cards. No hope for us real Democrats

  32. somebody must have something over him to be betraying the constitution, the american people like this. Maybe he is a victim of a "honey pot" blackmail

  33. If you don't understand why Barr should be held in contempt, just pretend he's a Democrat, and then it will suddenly make sense that he should be held accountable

  34. Whats the point of this. What did barr do?

  35. He has major health issues . he does not give two fuks .

  36. dems hunt going further, investigate dems for ties with cabal you`ll see what you never thought possible

  37. Imagine supporting or being a Demorat in 2019, Democrats are Pedofiles and Freaks that hate America and are trying for a civil war that they will lose just like they lost in 1865 except now we have even more guns and ammo. So let them start it that way we can 100% destroy all of the democrat party and start over. Trump2020!

  38. Love after all this and every failed attempt people still believe all the bullshit the crazy democrats say. I swear If democrats said the sky was purple their followers would still believe them.

  39. Only a FAKE PATRIOT votes NO. The GOP is a DISGRACE

  40. If USA citizens are the only ones allow to vote. What's the problem?
    Oh! Wait, Democrat voters are ILLEGAL ALIENS! & DEAD PEOPLE

  41. Good luck, commies.

  42. Our system of checks and balances have failed US.

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