House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Saudi arms sales | USA TODAY

House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Saudi arms sales | USA TODAY

House Democrats will grill a top State Department official on the Trump administration’s controversial decision to sell $8.1 billion in bombs and other U.S.-made weapons to Saudi Arabia and its allies.

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6 Comments on "House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Saudi arms sales | USA TODAY"

  1. We need to mind your own business whoever wants to buy weapons it employs Americans if we don’t show on Russia or China will so get over yourselves employee Americans the politicians especially Obama and Bush war criminals they killed more innocent people than anybody in recent history Trump is a good guy he’s not the one pulling the trigger is employee in American so just get over yourselves

  2. This must be an old story. Trump has already over ruled these bastards and has approved the arms sales to enable Saudi Arabia and UAE to continue the slaughter in Yemen and other conflicts that Saudi Arabia supports thru Sunni terrorist groups. This seems like a fake report from old meetings.

  3. What about sensitive military weapons that are suppose to be made in Saudi Arabia? Why aren't they being made in US? And what about national security? Wouldn't we be giving them sensitive info they could pass on to others? What happened to made in America?

  4. I wish Obama had not started all this U.S. involvement in the Yemen war.

  5. What the hell. Who$ conversation are we hearing ?????

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