30 Comments on "How Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian Overcame the Challenges of Co-Parenting (Exclusive)"

  1. Can we be done with that Thema? Please!!

  2. Kourt et scott c'est de l'amour…..vous 2 allez un bisou.

  3. I guess him and Kourt are totally done

  4. Khloe looking at him like sizing him up with her critical eye like ya hurt my sis i again i get ya lol. Either its just for the show the drama of they breakup, get back together pop off another kid, he dates a younger gal lionel richies kid. Maybe scott just wants a harum of girls close around and keep courtney around when sophie breaks it off with him gets bored with his loutish behavior with kids tied to his ex gf she is 19 years old there are other guys better for her out there. Courtney says she and scott are soulmates they been a couple for so long but yet can not commit to marriage to each other. Yeh sure her family is sick of the drama been going back and forth for years, cause he not gonna really change.

  5. He is such a MAN for this

  6. Scott just keeping kourtney close so after he breaks up with Sofia he can get her back

  7. He is a washed up drug addict.!!!

  8. Is it me or does Scott look like he’s high on pills 🤔 what kind who knows but something is not right with him in this video 🤔

  9. Scott finally has his own show…finally stop sleeping on the funniest member of the family 😂😂😂

  10. Scott is so handsome!

  11. I sometimes wonder if Kourtney and Scott just split for the show and are still together IRL, but that’s not interesting enough for tv.

  12. Khloe def got a nose job

  13. Please stop giving this gutter trash air time

  14. Scott a crackhead

  15. Scott seems strung out for the first time in a long time. Hope I'm wrong. Hes done so well.

  16. I love Scott… it’s wonderful he is so embed in the life of his children… I’m super proud of him… & kourt..,, & the whole family being close.. it’s a great thing to see & a great example for others to see.. since they have such a big platform..

  17. Are you kidding me? If you take parenting advice from ppl who have fulltime help to raise them & have publicly shown serious issues of constant addiction, money flaunting, & codependency then your delusional. Can we stop giving credit where its not due? How much do you want to bet that this narrative is being pushed bc of an upcoming product launch or book deal.

  18. folks, this is ALL a put on to make more $$$$$ off you suckers

  19. Ud swear these 2 were the 1st people to co.parent….yawn

  20. Great interviews Lauren!

  21. I always picture him and Khloe together lol

  22. Is it me or Sofia looks like a younger version of Khloe?
    That’s amazing they can parent like that 🙌🏼

  23. I think Kourtney and her family are really trying so hard to try and bring him back. But i think he's really inlove with Sophia and he has made up his mind to be with her.

  24. If Kourtney and him didn't date I would ship him n khloe

  25. Imagine them as a couple!!

  26. Scott is an absolute dog ass shat

  27. Luv me some ET..💖


  29. Love him and kholes relationship they have it’s so sweet

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