Over 1,000 guns seized by police in Los Angeles' Bel Air neighborhood

Over 1,000 guns seized by police in Los Angeles' Bel Air neighborhood

Police said it was astonishing to seize over 1,000 guns from a home in the posh Bel Air neighborhood.

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21 Comments on "Over 1,000 guns seized by police in Los Angeles' Bel Air neighborhood"

  1. My defense would be something along the lines of "i was trying to keep as many guns off the street as possible, by keeping them all at my house".

  2. A huge win for government tyranny

  3. Just another day in the hood :).

  4. So many guns and only two hands

  5. Congratulations I am an atheist as well. I take your guns if you don't want. Okay?

  6. black market stash house got raided

  7. Who runs usatoday now? Where is the context to this seizure? Where is the story?
    You have nearly 1 million fake subscribers, how about hiring one to be your "journalist"?

  8. Well can't call this place the Concord of California anymore

  9. Walmart has more guns and ammo.

  10. Now that's what I call gun control and I proudly support it! Guns are so undemocratic and it causes crimes against humanity and nature.

  11. Hey if there was a zombie apocalypse that household would be more than ready

  12. ill take one for fun

  13. No one is going to complain if they take guns there. Not even them as most are not supposed to own one the others to young.

  14. "How Interesting?" 😏😊🤔🙄😎☕ America.SMH I wonder why people have loads of guns in their homes Fact:15 million americans have over 200 million guns in their homes all across the country.

  15. Jay Leno owns a thousand cars? “Just Saying”

  16. and? Was this just a collector? Terrorist? What? I will wait to see how this plays out, come on link to your post how hard is that to do? ok here is the reason why they raided the house "tip regarding illegal firearms sale" in case you want to read the post https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/05/09/guns-seized-los-angeles-police-raid-home-bel-air-rifles-handguns/1150451001/

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