RuPaul's Drag Race: Episode 11's Eliminated Queen (Exclusive)

RuPaul's Drag Race: Episode 11's Eliminated Queen (Exclusive)

The latest eliminated queen of the season shares what she hopes her legacy will be now that she’s off the show. ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ airs Thursdays on VH1. Disclaimer: this interview was pre-taped, without knowledge of Nina West’s elimination.

32 Comments on "RuPaul's Drag Race: Episode 11's Eliminated Queen (Exclusive)"

  1. All this could have been avoided if Nina Bonina Brown was Blac Chyna

  2. Nina stole my heart! She’s the winner of this session! ❤️

  3. Worst lip sinc Eva!! Nina and silky should’ve both gone home! Evy oddly should’ve been up for elimination!!

  4. Nina was robbed!!!!…they picked her and not Yvie so Silky would not loose sooooo obviously!!!….still she did!!!! Hate season 11 for all the robbed queens this season to spare Silky and Vanjie! Pfffffffffffff

  5. Season 11 with the most robbed queens!!!!

  6. It was just a bad lip sync song choice..

  7. I wish Nina had told the outfit designer to make that Pride look with pants instead of those horrible shorts that she was wearing.

  8. Hopefully they cast more camp queens because they bring so much fun to RPDR.

  9. So glad she went home.

  10. Can we stop with the hate comments real quick and appreciate Nina and silky, Nina didn’t need the show or a plastic crown to prove the mark she made on the community she made over (I think) 2 million dollars for charity (please don’t @me if I’m wrong) silky and nine are both amazing drag queens so Nina went home, there is nothing to get upset over. She’s still alive and doing amazing an amazing job and silky is also amazing doing what she does and what she is doing is also amazing. •3• so just be glad u even get to experience the show and the girls on it cause it’s not going to last forever so appreciate what they give while it lasts

  11. Ok wrong song . But Nina didn’t listen to challenge. Similarly in looks . Silky sloppy. But out fits did match . I think it should be tie for Congeniality Shuga and Nina . But silky kept season lively. Sorry to say it . And Silky made her outfit there. She didn’t bring something already made like the others did.

  12. Nina is the sweetest. I'm so mad!!

  13. Nina was robbed. So smart and funny. 💖💖💖

  14. I gave up on this show after season 7. Ru is not a nice person irl.

  15. Nina should’ve stayed but hey cmon MISS CONGENIALITY

  16. Is there anyone ANYONE out there who thinks Silky won that lip sync? No. Nina was robbed.

  17. Robbbbbbbbbbeeeddd the most Robbed

  18. Ru what on earth were u thinking

  19. Nina was robbed I'm p*ssed off silky should have gone home

  20. Yucky, a legend picked to go home over a Crunchy Queen ??? Mama rus been drunk these past seasons

  21. I love a big queen but silky is on my last god damn nerve

  22. why rue is obsessed with silky beats me… cant even do pads right compared to latrice or eureka how amazing they would always look & not use there weight as an excuse i mean yikes..

  23. Awwwwwww Nina no

  24. Silky didn’t even know the words! She was horrible. Nina was robbed!!

  25. Revolting. Silky should've left the competition.

  26. Why she want to save silky so bad? Ewww

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