28 Comments on "Taylor Swift Crashes Young Fan's Portrait Session—Adorable Poses and All!"

  1. how big is your fucking head?

  2. watches this video
    goes out to the woods

  3. Bill Murray??? I thought that was their grandma 👵

  4. I think the Queen's was the best. No,I'm not a Brit.😀

  5. I hate when people talk to much. Hate seeing a video with a caption that might interest me and then its just someone feeling like a news reporter and talking so much. Your caption was enough. You talking the entire time made this bad. Fix yourself dude.

  6. really miss Kevin Spacey… it is such an stupidity all this harrassment bullshit…

  7. that spacey looks a creepy fker

  8. I really like Jared Leto. I recently vacationed down in Rio De Janeiro and I could not get over how popular Jared is with the Brazilian people. In fact, he's so popular they built in his honor the world's largest Jared Leto statue I've ever seen! Arms stretched out and everything!

  9. Oh c'mon! I only clicked because I saw Taylor in the thumbnail and title. But, it turns out, Tay's only in it for like, 2 seconds and then it's on to other celebrities photobombing…

  10. Who really cares about this crap? And what kind of a name is Denny Directo? Sounds like a video game. lol

  11. I bet she could make it an entire day on campus where I work and no one would know she was here.

  12. Swift needs to go down like Holly and the Bopper. SOON.

  13. the one with the Queen

  14. Directo? Come on, you can do better than that with a stage name!

  15. Yawn – boring video

  16. Jennifer Lawrence is so god damn hot, to bad she is a simple minded dip fuck

  17. Taylor does this stuff a lot. My daughter was at her concert and she came off stage to take a picture with her. She was the hit at school for long time and will always be a fan.

  18. I thought this was gonna be just about taylor!

  19. Not sure I'd want the demon possessed Beyonce in my photos.

  20. Taylor Swift's hometown is in Pennsylvania

  21. What a shock that Taylor attention who're swift would interrupt a kids photo shoot. Gotta get the spotlight anyway possible

  22. bill murry is an ass hole btw.

  23. Story is nice. Announcer is ugh.

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