Tesla’s mystery test car may be a Model S refresh

If you’re wondering, it didn’t appear to be a Model Y — the upcoming crossover has lights like those on the Model 3, not to mention a conspicuously raised rear end that wasn’t present here.

There is the possibility that this is just a “sloppy wrapping job,” as the eyewitness initially suspected. That doesn’t line up with the different taillights, though, and rumors of Model S and Model X refreshes have swirled for months. If this is indeed a hint at an upcoming design update, it would come at a good time. S and X sales have been falling sharply in the wake of widespread Model 3 availability. Spruced-up designs could revitalize interest from those who’d otherwise buy high-end Model 3 trims, not to mention give Tesla a better chance of fending off competition from the likes of Audi and Mercedes.

Via Engadget

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