'The Bachelor: Roses and Rose': Fantasy Suites Finish in Finland, and Rachel's Confusing Goodbye

'The Bachelor: Roses and Rose': Fantasy Suites Finish in Finland, and Rachel's Confusing Goodbye

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ET’s Lauren Zima recaps the penultimate episode Nick Viall’s season of ‘The Bachelor,’ including the Fantasy Suites! Seriously… why did he send Rachel Lindsay home?! Raven and Vanessa remain.

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  1. Why is no one talking about how not only did he say he was falling for Rachel, when he said goodbye to her he said "I love you." So yeah right he had stronger feelings for Raven and Vanessa (insert eye roll here). He barely looks like he can tolerate Vanessa after their "engagement."

  2. Lauren is hilarious.

  3. Okay I've been on several videos where the comment section is full of confused people about why Nick sent Rachel home. I read THR and that offered insight and I just read this glamour interview Nick did after the taping of Women tell all so I'm just gonna drop off this (b.s. response lol) he gave:

    "Glamour: We really didn’t see you give viewers a reason for why you said goodbye to Rachel.

    NV: So for me with Rachel, I didn’t have a reason to send her home. It was about the other women. I think in another world where I’m not the Bachelor, who knows what could have happened with Rachel and I? But it was The Bachelor, there were two other women, and there were two other women that I felt stronger about."


    I'm still lost guys lmao Welp, gonna drop this nugget off under some other videos for the other confused people

  4. If Rachel was the only girl Nick has said "im falling for you too" or whatever, i dont get why he sent her home. Maybe because tuey didn't have as strong of a sexual chemistry? idk but Nick pisses me off and Vanessa but propose to Raven already

  5. That moment when you thumbs up the video before you even start watching it because you already know it's awesome.

  6. Honestly at this point, especially after he said that thing about hoping it not being over for them i wouldnt be surprised if he went back on the bachelorette for rachels season.

  7. LOVE the sound of music reference!

  8. The montage 😂😂😂

  9. I think if Nick really were a sex god Andi, Kaitlyn, and apparently Liz wouldnt have walked away from him… 🍷🐸 but I may just be saying that because Im over this season, how dare you Nick! Rachel is the perfect woman!!!

  10. Raven has to win! Vanessa is always so serious and complaining to Nick about something. And Nick obviously got engaged. I hate how Chris Harrisson is all like "What if he ends up alone?"

  11. Lunch every Sunday with her family. Run Nick, Run. This Italian family will be your death.

  12. I think he's going to pick Vanessa but super confused about Rachel. He had no reason to let her go!!!! That was his best option. Very confused

  13. This 'show' is so funny 😂😂😂😂

  14. Can you get the goods and find out why Nick let Rachel go? No explanation at all and it's irritating me wondering why lol

  15. These are so funny. You managed to make this season more interesting than it really was. I'm still at a loss for what went wrong with Rachel and how come we couldn't see it on tv. There is a part of me that thinks Nick doesn't want to be settled and married right now so he will pick Vanessa because they both have major deal breakers and it will be easy to phase out that relationship because of distance and because of dwts. I also feel like Nick likes the conflict he has with Vanessa it must be a turn on for him but I find it exhausting personally. Great recap.

  16. why must sex is bad man and girl poor

  17. Didn't get to watch it Damn had news on station because tornados ripped through KC Missouri

  18. Who do you think Nick will propose to next week?

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