12 Comments on "The Warriors aren't losing the Finals, the Raptors are taking it"

  1. Oouuu . "why not make our own history"

  2. Warrior fanboys alert!!! If a team really is good they don't need to be compete! Tactics are key. Tactics are the reason why raptors won game 1

  3. They really need all 5 all stars to win dont they?

  4. The kawhi trade was a good move, great even. But dumping valenciounas for gasol was gold! Masai ujiri is a champ GM


  6. The cringe ness and stupidity of this video is high.

  7. **Insert Russell Westbrook meme

  8. Don’t let this video distract you from the fact that Alan roofied everyone not once but twice In the hangover…

  9. No shit. Take out kd and the Raptors are a really tough match up for the warriors

  10. lol weren't you morons saying warriors are better without KD before this series? Now they're down 1-3 and all of a sudden a 4 all star caliber lineup needs a 5th to beat Kawhi

  11. If kd comes back they can win tye finals

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