31 Comments on "Toronto Raptors dethrone depleted Golden State Warriors squad for first NBA title"

  1. Why are people talking about the injured? Did they forget, Warriors were winning championships before those injured got to the team…

  2. Depleted both teams depleted gs only had three all stars left…

  3. Toronto Raptors won the championship for the first time in franchise history. Kawhi Leonard becomes the third player to win Finals MVP with different teams. Only LeBron James and Kareem Abdul Jabaar accomplished this feat winning Finals MVP with different teams. However Kawhi Leonard becomes the second player to win Finals MVP with different teams and different conferences along with Kareem Abdul Jabaar winning Finals MVP with different teams and different conferences. A historic night for a Canadian team to dethrone the Golden State Warriors dynasty. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! WE THE NORTH and we are the 2019 NBA World Champions.

  4. They beat a wounded dog. But congrats to Toronto.

  5. Gotta be wondering how Greg Popocich and the Spurs feel,–we had this guy and treated him like crap…..now he wins a championship.

  6. The Dallas Mavericks will take over the NBA from here

  7. Its Eazzyy.. Too Lose when your All Players Are Injured, not to.mention the best Player in the World Has a Fucking Torn Achiles. And amazing Klay T. TERING his ACL. ( No credit ) it's Not. It's like Beating The Boston Celtics without Larry Bird.
    It's Like Beating The Chicago Bulls without Michael Jordan
    Same as Beating The L.A. Lakers Without Kobe Bryant & Shaq. (…soft shit ). And unfortunately,.
    Injuries is part of the game.

  8. A “depleted” warriors team that still had 4 future Hall of Famers.

  9. Lmao. No freebie for Boogie. 🤣😂

  10. I’ve been a raptors fan since I was 8 and I’m so glad they won the finals!!! The sad thing was KD and Klay got injured and that’s what let the Warriors down. But that don’t stop warriors they can do better next season.

  11. “The Raptors just did the impossible” stfu bitch no one ever thought the Raptors winning would be impossible this season

  12. As a Toronto fan great season 2 all the Golden State Warrior fans and the players in Golden State great great season

  13. Kawhi is the greatest NBA player in the world at this time. He virtually carried the Raptors on his shoulders and was instrumental in helping them achieve greatness in dethroning the Warriors and win their first ever NBA title as well.

  14. I'm very happy for our cousins to the north. Congratulations Canada. But you did beat a wounded team so this victory will have a asterisk next to it. But years from now no one will remember that fact.

  15. Kawai just became the best Raptors player in 1 season

  16. I say the Raptors rental paid for Kawhi for this season is PRICELESS: Period. Anyone disagree?!

  17. lets not forget the importance of not only how badly the Warriors were ailing health-wise, but how badly the refs shit all over Golden State and gave everything Toronto did a pass.

  18. Congrats to Toronto but losing one Finals doesn't mean the Warrior's dynasty is over. The Patriots lost two SB's and their dynasty is still going strong, as much as I hate saying that.

  19. Wow… taking away Toronto’s Thunder by saying the Warriors were so depleted, it wasn’t fair. Blah blah. Never mind they were the better team

  20. Fuck them injuries they won damn near all they rings off injured playoffs team now it's a a problem because it's the warriors ??

  21. Congratulations Raptors! ❤🏀🏆Kawhi Leonard MVP!❤🏀🏆I am happy for you guys!❤🏀🏆🎉

  22. Nice job rapters for playing dirty and hearting every good player 🚫💯💯👆🇨🇦

  23. I know you guys will disagree but I think this finals Realates to the 2011 mavericks when they made the impossible run for the title and beating the superteam heat. My raptors proved people wrong all through the season and playoffs

  24. From a Lakers fan. Thank god the warriors lost

  25. Wow… It really was Lebron

  26. Good for you Toronto!!!!

  27. They did not do the impossible when they literally played Durant for 12mins of the tournament and didn't play against Klay in game 3 or the end of game 6.

  28. Phuck Toronto and Nick Nurse! The NBA conspired took the team from DCasey and gave it to that White Boy!!

  29. Depleted? Before the injury to Klay they were up 3-2 and 3-1 before that. And were dead even before Klay left. So now without KD the Warriors somehow don't have enough talent to win a championship against these Raptors. Curry or Draymond could have stepped up. Klay was carrying them during most of the important swings of the game. Everyone suggests all the time KD was a sellout for going to Golden State and creating an unfair advantage for that team. But now that he missed the finals somehow the Warriors are a depleted bunch. Warriors won a title without KD and honestly should've won 2 if they didn't blow that 3-1 lead to Cleveland.

    What a load. Toronto deserves to get credit rather than the discredit the media is about to play up this week because of a "depleted" GS squad. It's a shame too. People should be talking all about Kyle Lowry's performance throughout the playoffs and how well he handled the incident in game 4. And Siakam. And of course Kawhi. And not leak in the excuses for GS.

  30. The biggest asterisk “championship” in NBA history

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