12 Comments on "Two Key Players to Watch in Game 7 of Stanley Cup Final"

  1. Let’s Go BRUINS!

  2. Run the goalie win the Cup.Bruins shoot stick side and cruise.

  3. Tell the papers in st Louis not to report on the game.

  4. Tell you what needs to be watched: St. Louis meatheads looking to injure. Officials had better tighten their ship — call the fucking ST. LEWEY DIVES, STICKS AND PUNCHES TO THE HEAD AREA WHEN THEY THINK YOU'RE NOT LOOKING…. and stop their assault on Chara's jaw / head!! Officials especially need to watch these things near the end of the game, when Boston has clinched The Cup.

  5. I don't give a FUCK about sports!

  6. Who give a Shit about Hockey!

  7. I bleed blue but I'm going Boston the 💰 team who I've won with already.😥

  8. holy shit no game supension for that crap the blues did at end of game good sportmanship to boston for holding back

  9. I thought that was Chevy Chase.

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