1. 0:28 the guy looks like pewdiepie but smarter

  2. This is amazing but everything you talk about is expensive

  3. didn't blow my mind. dislike

  4. Scuber…. I wonder if it uses transparent aluminum.

  5. Skyline robotics…. You mean Skylab.

  6. This is the first time he has not done a clickbait thumbnail

  7. What about when your heart rate skyrockets and an ambulance is automatically despatched only to find you in a threesome with penthouse centrefolds?

  8. I think that robots
    robots will take up jobs , like normal jobs that you dont need a lot of school to do, and make new jobs that you need a higher level of education to do it.
    Like will take jobs in magazines, constructions like low lvl of educations work places and force people to get higher education level to be Programators,enginners.
    In time, all people will be forced to be smarter to get a job because jobs where you need 8-12 classes to do it will be taken be robots (srry for me english spelling/grammar)

  9. All of these inventions are neat except for the robotics. The Robotics are putting millions of people out of work and then our stupid Government will bitch about all of the homeless.

  10. 2:55 what was name of music??????

  11. Bye bye techzone. Its been a nice subscription.

  12. Fuck that, for 3000 I expect to go deep as fuck and have a meal while flying in the air

  13. More crap whe don't whant

  14. https://youtu.be/7xEPWYX9H8k

    Watch the video…
    You never see before….

  15. Damn, I watched whole video of youtube ads without skipping… Congratz to me?

  16. Keep schuber at least until I'm 18

  17. 0:24 it said in a bible that there will be a chip that will be placed on your body and it said that you will pay and sell with that chip if you don’t have it you can’t buy or sell it’s like the 666

  18. Great video, I wonder the technology used for 2:15 Futuristic Sink.

    3:01 the robotics seems quietly unstable..
    Good work buddy, you always post some awesome videos. I love your work so much.

  19. "We need to stop global warming in order to save the corals"
    Uses a (very very eco friendly) helicopter to get to a submarine to look at the dying corals

  20. I only had 3 commercials, that’s an unholy amount? 🧐

  21. Nakedfit would not work…. I lose much of my heat through my feet and NEED them to be bare otherwise Id feel overheated !!

  22. nr 2 bare foot ….. means you want to feel

  23. I came to see if anyone commented about blue.

  24. Yeesh some heavy rain tech!!!

  25. Their is an unholy amount of ads in this video

  26. Do You Have A Link For The Sink?? Or Does Anyone Have One?? Thanks!!

  27. 1:15…oh great…another throw away product…use once and forget…can we outlaw this kind of waste…no more single use items…quarts, gallons or more..oh my…cut down on the plastic waste from individual serve bottles. Bet if they charged a dime per bottle deposit…folks would recycle them bottles.

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