Vice President Mike Pence speaks at Liberty University commencement | USA TODAY

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at Liberty University commencement | USA TODAY

Vice President Mike Pence will deliver the commencement address at Liberty University Saturday, an important move as the 2020 campaign gears up. Pence offers full-throated defense of President Donald Trump’s faith credentials to Christian conservatives – a bedrock constituency for the Republican president. Liberty is one of the country’s best-known Christian universities and often supports conservative policies.

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  1. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3v16 Jesus Christ is Risen he is alive. He loves you.

  2. I like Mike Pence. He will make a great Fuhrer. err, no I meant to Leader. Yeah that’s right Leader.

  3. They are very loud . It’s easy to hear what they are saying .
    How we are aware of the intrinsic hypocrisy of the Three Abrahamic Blood Cults .

  4. The next time a Democrat tries to convince me that he is either religious and that the Democratic Party doesn’t reject religion, I will refer him to this comment section. Liberals are the scum of the earth.

  5. I do not have a problem with Pence's speech except for the part of being shunned or ridiculed. You can believe in what ever you want. But Pence is basically advocating hate of people who do not believe. That is just wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Falwell should get together with Ted Haggard, two pious penis loving evangelical hypocrites ..not to worry, Jesus still loves you…. can't wait for the pool boy pictures to go public.

  7. It's so sad that "Christians" feel persecuted. Imagine how single moms, gay and lesbian men and women, queer folk, anyone who isn't super-white, or just anyone the "Christians" feel they need to tell how to live their lives must feel. You dumb-a$$ hypocrites. Judge not lest ye be judged, right? Jesus would cry at how un-Godly most of you act. And then he wold kick Mike Pence in the fleshy patch that used to be his balls and tell him to get real.

  8. First Quayle.
    Now Pence.
    WTF Indiana?

  9. Mike Pence, biggest kiss ass vice president in US history.

  10. Pence, I want to lose 1 billion dollars. Know anybody ?

  11. Came here to see how mad liberals are, it didn’t disappoint. Liberals are angry. Hahahaha Hahahaha

  12. The American flag is a symbol of RAPE, HATE, XENOPHOBIA and GENOCIDE.
    AMERICA is founded on genocide, genocide of a race of people in concentration camps which white America calls "reservations".

  13. This is where miserable trolls lament a lost election and I LOVE IT!

  14. What a Jewish supremacists zionist puppet the V.P. is..go to if Americans

  15. Second most hated man in USA!!

  16. Pence Who …did he do anything in his so called public service ?

  17. look, Jesus is Lord and the bible is true, but i don't like liberty university. if mike pence said that christians.. true christians.. will experience trouble in the world because the world will want them to bow down to their idols.. well.. he's right. but that doesn't make liberty university right. look at the women's volleyball team. they wear evil clothes. therefore, they are evil. look at the people who wear suits. that is an evil thing. look at the fact the women do not wear head coverings. that is evil, because the bible says they are to do so. look at the fact that liberty university does not allow comments on their youtube pages. that is evil, and a sign of cowardice. so yeah.. liberty university is all about making a buck, getting this degree and that degree, and making a buck. it's not about anything else. there are no christian schools. it is an oxymoron.


  19. dignity of human life? You mean demonizing my friends and family?

  20. Its not a real University with all that mid eastern christiam crap.
    This is a joke. University my ass….

  21. Christian Persecution…try telling your co-works, kid's parents, etc. you are an atheist….see how that pans our for you!

  22. Shepard's fleece, f k and eat their flock.

  23. I really like how a BTS music video popped up before the video and I'm just gonna give them my view and dip

  24. I don't wish malice on anyone but should this man ever get hit by a bus, I shall laugh for several weeks.

  25. What s a Pence a game?🤧

  26. Thank You God for a Conservative Christian University…

  27. You know what even though I don’t like pence, that was an incredible speech by him….

  28. Pense and the GOP religious right who are Apostate termed Reprobate Silver dishonor God and Jesus in their thinking. They resemble fallen religious people the same Jesus condemned in Matthew chapter 23. Persecuted? They are the one's that persecute. This type of Christianity is not cute. Rich people shall not enter heaven that privilege is reserved for poor unfortunate believer's, of the which Pense and Liberty University do not qualify.

  29. Love Pence & what Liberty stands for. I’ll take it over the freak show on the left any day!

  30. Absolutely disgusting speech. He should resign.

  31. The persecution will be for posing as Christians
    Nothing Christlike in these zealots ,

  32. Whats the difference between Mike Pence and an atheist? Atheist are honest about NOT following Jesus.

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