Win Tickets to See Niall Horan and Maren Morris on Tour! | Certified Country

Win Tickets to See Niall Horan and Maren Morris on Tour! | Certified Country

Sophie Schillaci breaks down some of the most anticipated Summer 2018 tours — and she’s giving you a chance to win tickets to see Niall Horan and Maren Morris’ “Flicker” tour. Watch and enter!

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9 Comments on "Win Tickets to See Niall Horan and Maren Morris on Tour! | Certified Country"

  1. This would be an amazing thing to see Maren Morris and Niall Horan live. Seeing blind is one of my favorite songs atm and would be the highlight of my summer.

  2. I am the biggest Niall Horan fan all his songs play nonstop in the car and on my radio at my house and i Love Maren as well. They both are so good at singing!! I think i it would be so fun to see them live. My friend Cindy I would bring with me. I would love her to come I'll have to tell her to enter!!

  3. How much i wish I could be a part of this and win. But guess luck has never been on my side so anyway .. Whosoever wins make sure you give a really tight hug to Niall. ❤

  4. When I came here two days ago I was excited because….Maren Morris tickets. Then you said maybe Niall's music wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea so I went and had a little listen. And now I've been listening for TWO DAYS!! Color me shocked!!! I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't "Flicker". This album is officially my new favorite. For those who are thinking about not going because of Niall Horan….give it a listen. It might change your mind. Some of the music on this album is more country than what plays on the radio. And it's GOOD. REALLY good.

  5. Yas , yas ,yas I love niall horan l am a big fan

  6. I badly wanna see Niall 😭😭😭i've been longing to see him and attend his gig for like 4yrs 😭😭😭😭😭
    Seeing blind is one of my fav song and Maren Morris did a great job …….

  7. yes I love maren I really want to see her live I love her music you know I entered!

  8. Yeeesss! I love niall and maren! Seeing blind is my all time favorite song and have been playing it on repeat in the office so much my coworkers have it stuck in their heads lol! Fingers and toes are crossed because meeting them would be a dream come true, they seem so down to earth and humble. So happy theyre touring together…and can i just say how awesome Maren's song The Middle is! Thats my wake up song, gym tune, and carpool karaoke…basically I just love them both 😘🎙🎤🎸🙏🤞💯

  9. 😱😱😱 i wanna see niall!

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